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As I have never really owned an LCD screen other then my PeeCee laptops where I didn't really care about it , I have a question. I would really like to leave the screen on (my iBook) while plugged in to show it off a little but it hints at the fact that doing so will shorten the life of the screen. Does anybody have any input they could offer on excatly how much it really hurts the screen if at all?



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May 7, 2001
I dont have any evidence that it "hurts" the screen. I do believe the more you use it the more likely it is to fail sooner. Is it a significant decrease in product life? I dont know.

I say enjoy your iBook. If you get applecare, you have 3 years of a healthy monitor, guaranteed.

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Its the backlight, the light that illuminates the LCD. LCDs are bright, and I think the lifetime of the LCD is determined by the backlight...something on the order of 10000 hours or so. I'm not sure.

But yeah...the backlight will dim over time...thats why newer screens are usually brighter than old LCDs ;)