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    Does anyone have any experience with LCD displays w/ built in TV tuners? I'd like to purchase a 17" LCD for use as a second display and as the television in my bedroom. I suppose my question is: is it better to buy an LCD w/ a tuner or to pump the cable into my 12" PB through the USB port? Does anyone know of a good 17" LCD (widescreen preferred) that isn't too pricey? I've been looking at the Spectre Naga, the Envision EN-7500 and the Sony Entertainment display.



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    Re: LCD TV/display

    I like my Cornea Systems CT1702 17" LCD display. It's not widescreen but it's got a lot of goodies, like DVI, RGB, and S-Video input, as well as stereo minijack input and output. Plus it's wall mountable and it looks freakin' sweet in my apartment (I bought a cantilever-design wall mount and placed it strategically so I can view the screen from anywhere in my apartment). It's an amazing deal for under $500:

    P.S. What do you mean cable in the video into your PB? Is there an adapter that lets you use USB for video input? I assume this would have to be USB 2.0, though, which my iBook doesn't have. Can you point me to such a product, though?
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