lean mean image swap?


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bootedbear said:
<img src="original.gif" onmouseover="this.src='rollover.gif'" onmouseout="this.src='original.gif'"/>

Send me my karma.

I should have worded it a little better. (it's beer saturday *hic*). What I want to do is mouse over a text link and have a (corresponding) company logo appear in a designated image area.

I found a good one http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex5/linkfloaties.htm
(edit: not an image swap)

This little gem is set up to fade in a javascript controlled and css styled layer (z index 100) that should contain the company logos that I want displayed. The best part is our friends at Dynamic Drive have debugged for a great browser spread (IE4+, NS6+, Mozilla/Firefox, safari,and Opera 7, though the fading effect is absent from Opera and safari.)

Thanks for the help though and lucky you!


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mnkeybsness said:
try a technique made popular by eric meyer

but in doing this, you should note an IE6 problem that I found with it

right on mnkeybsness!

funny, i was just at meyerweb but until you replied with (IE6 problem) I was under the impression that the images would have to reside in <a> tags.

I'm going to play with it. (css that is):)

well it's time to pay up.
thanks much!

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