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Discussion in 'Community' started by SilentPanda, Feb 26, 2004.

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    I'll throw this in the community discussion since it's not really Mac related... but...

    I'm headed to Romania this summer (I live in the U.S.) and will be there for 19 days or so... I went there last year to work with an orphanage (and that's what I'm doing again this year). I'd really like to learn some more Romanian. I'd just like to be able to speak and respond to what is being said to me. A basic level of the language will do me well since I'll be working with people around the age of 10 or so... has anybody tried to learn the language? I'd like to get something either on the cheap for my Mac or a book with some audio CD's (I can do tapes I suppose too).

    I've looked at B&N and Amazon and seen mixed reviews for pretty much every book that has reviews... so I was seeing if anybody else could throw in their 2 cents. It's a long shot probably but hey... MacRumors is global right?
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    I've got a couple of Teach Yourself books and a Language/30 book/tape set for some languages less used where I am and they're okay, but just. Berlitz is also okay for light conversation.

    I just don't think that any of them address real life conversation, but it would be difficult to find a class.

    Have you done an internet search?
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    I had a couple good friends go there for work a few years back, and they had six months of language before departure. It isn't the easiest of languages, but it is a romance language (like Spanish and French) with a slavic vocab layed on top. (Similar to English - a Germanic language with a large portion of the vocab coming from a romance language.) You should be able to be conversant with some effort put forth.

    The only word I know (from my friends) is "securitate." That's the name of the secret police.

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