"Leave it to a Christian Child to point Muslims in the Right Direction."

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    This is a true story.

    It happened today. My 12 year old son, Liam and I, offered to pick up a muslim man from his mosque and take him home. He stopped at the car and said he forgot his bag. He is 82.

    Liam went back into the mosque with him. Many people were still praying and Liam stood quietly and waited. When the old man returned with his bag, Liam asked this question. "Why are they praying facing north? I thought Mecca was east?" Liam had taken Religion Sensitivity Classes at school this year.

    "They are facing east, aren't they?" asked the old man.

    Liam pulled out his iPhone 4S and showed the Imam his program called "Compass" on his phone. Several other worshipers pulled out their iPhones as well. There was a cacophony of noise. Men turning, astounded. Every one made a quarter turn in the same direction.

    "Leave it to a Christian child to point Muslims in the right direction," said the Imam and thanked a proud grinning blonde boy.

    Evidently these recently released prisoners, began gathering themselves--bought the property three years ago, and begun praying facing the biggest and widest room in the building without an iPhone.

    Thank you iPhone and "Compass."
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    A cute little story. An ordinary compass would have done them well, but its fun to know that smartphones can change lives so much in these days
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    I'm sorry, but this looks like a cut and paste from elsewhere, so I doubt it actually occurred unless more details as to location, mosque address etc. are provided. Muslims, even recently released prisoner Muslims, know what direction the sun rises.

    There's so much rubbish out on the Internet :rolleyes:

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