Legacy Hardware Support in X


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Dec 6, 2001
I recently got a new 600Mhz snow iMAC and an iSub a few weeks ago I picked up the 10.1 update and to my suprise Ten does not fully support the sub it periodically turns off and there is no control for it in the sound panel. I've already been to apples support page for iSub and it doesn't hint at an update anytime soon does anyone did they leave it out for some weird reason anyway USB is still a little iffy in 10.1 so far


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Oct 25, 2001
iSub support...

That's really disappointing. I know that when I buy a new machine I'm going to want an iSub and the sound sticks.

Apple needs to make all their cool toys work under X. Especially something as visually appealing as the iSub.
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