Legal (but Unethical?) Defense Fund for Trump's Associated Blessed by Ethics Office

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    Trump's Ethics Office has blessed an unethical legal defense fund for the president's associates

    Under cover of last week's feverish reaction to the FBI memorandum released by Rep. Devin Nunes, the Office of Government Ethics quietly dumped documents revealing a new low point in the agency's 40-year history. In a letter signed Jan. 29th, but withheld from public view until the memo frenzy was peaking, the agency's Trump-appointed acting director, David Apol, blessed a shockingly permissive arrangement for funneling cash to White House appointees and others linked to Trump.

    The fund, which will reimburse legal fees stemming from the Russia investigations, represents a radical and dangerous departure from established practice for government-employee legal defense funds. It's formulated under, of all things, an IRS designation for political organizations. Even its name, the Patriot Legal Expense Fund Trust, echoes the tribal politics of our time. The name may suggest something more sinister still, that the cash is for "patriots" loyal to the president.

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    Given that this White House seems a stranger to the whole concept of honour, this is on a par with Kissinger getting the Nobel Peace Prize. Satire come to life. This really is corruption of the worst kind.
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    Rachel Maddow covered this last week. She was speculating that the way the fund is being initially funded is with the missing inauguration funds that the Trump campaign can't seem to explain where it's gone.

    While it's just a theory, it would explain something that's been bothering some since day 1.
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    The Trump administration is rife with questionable ethical issues but somehow gets away with it. For one thing, he has not divested himself of his businesses. So there is a potential conflict of interest in his decision making, such as when his initial travel ban didn't include any Moslem countries where he has business interests or when he signs an executive order increasing the number of people let into the country to work at resorts or when the GOP tax bill that he signed has special provisions for owners of golf courses. Then there is the issue that every time he visits Mara Lago or any of his other properties he personally enriches himself because of what the Secret Service and others have to pay. And please don't tell me that supposedly putting his two dopey sons in charge of his businesses is enough.
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    Cant wait to read all the rationalizations from his base. We are giving up way too much of our Democracy, ethics, and any sense of a moral compass to support partisan beliefs. Thats how governments fall.

    Trying not to be all doom and gloom, but everyday I read about some new fracture in the constitution twisted and perverse in support of this president. Not to mention we have a free for all Congress spending like it's their money. The same people who screamed at Obama over deficits. Hypocrisy at it's finest.
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    I think between Trump and our Congress they may be able to destroy our democracy even in the first term. Trump is undoing all the norms of the office, and pushed me the boundaries in areas that are constrained by law. We are going to have a major debt crisis before too long as well since our standing in the world is what has allowed us to borrow as much as we have. Trump and the GOP have just blown up the deficit at the same time as pulling us away from the rest of the world, at some point we aren’t going to be able to find buyers for all of our debt plus interest rates will go up.
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    Here's the thing: the fallout of this will be felt for years. Granted very little will happen now, whilst Trump's got his acolytes doing his every bidding. But he'll not be in power for ever, and, sooner or later, this crap will have a light shone on so bright it blind the entire GOP who'll be held guilty by being complicit in allowing it to happen.

    I still believe that the actions of today have a price - and that bill will come due in the next few years and the GOP run the risk of being metaphorically bankrupted by it.

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