Leopard will have a new Finder


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Mar 27, 2003
If you put the pieces together, it's quite obvious that Apple will finally be remaking the Finder for Leopard. And with any luck, actually revolutionizing it. The Finder is a Carbon application! Some of you know what this means. With the transition to Intel being prepared for the release of 10.5, it's obvious Apple will be rebuilding (to Cocoa) any lagging Carbon apps for Leopard; finally. And we know Apple would never do something huge like rebuilding the Finder without also taking the opportunity to redesign and innovate it. :)

Expect a "real" "brand new" Finder for 10.5. And not anything like the "brand new finder" we supposedly got with the Panther release. This will be real! I can't wait to open folders with thousands thumbnails without a spinning beach ball, I can't wait to drag and drop hundreds of files without lag, and I can't wait to smoothly scroll through huge lists of file. My prediction for the new Finder: real preformance at last.

Mr. Anderson

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Nov 1, 2001
Sounds plausible, but as of yesterday, I'm just going to be watching what happens and not try and predict the future here. There's too much going on and too much that's going to change to even worry about what we will be getting and concern myself with what we have right now.