Lessons from the Death of HD-DVD

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 25, 2008.

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    Interesting article, although it does descend into a slagging match about Microsoft (however justified a lot of it seems).

    I've always had lukewarm support for both formats (and cynically have been stuck between a rock and a hard place: as an avid Apple/Nintendo fan, BluRay boosts PS3 (I would have so liked the PS3 to crash and burn due to the failure of BluRay!) while HD-DVD pushed Microsoft onto us). Non-cynically speaking, as I've mentioned elsewhere, DVD is too successful for the next-gen DVD formats to be an amazing success. They will be niche for a good few years yet.

    I wonder if tomorrow's MBP update will now come with a $500 BluRay BTO option... :D
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    Yeah, Daniel Eran Dilger's entire MO is to slag off Microsoft as much as possible. But honestly, don't they deserve it? I can think of very little they've done that's really beneficial to the computing and entertainment world as a whole. I think they have repressed innovation for the past 10+ years due to their monopoly stranglehold on so many key markets, so thank goodness they have failed to get their DRM tentacles any further into the average living room.

    Apple is on the Blu-Ray team, but it would actually surprise me quite a bit if they implemented Blu-Ray players into their computing lineup any time soon. Instead of taking part in the odious end-to-end DRM that that would require, I think they're quite content to do an end-run around that whole problem by pushing iTunes movies hard and often. Apple might be a bit too aggressively looking ahead now, but that's clearly where the future lies for everyone so it's wise to get well-established ahead of the demand curve.

    I agree that regular old DVD will be with us for a long time. Not everyone wants to spend all the money on hi-def content, 1080p displays, new receivers and other HT gear. As much as I love a good home theater experience, I am not in any hurry to make the thousands of dollars worth of upgrades to my system that would be necessary to go HD properly.
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    Apple promised BR (and HD DVD!) support almost three years ago, so personally I'm amazed that there is still no playback support for either format. Even with HD DVD pretty much dead, I imagine that it should be fairly trivial to add at least basic HD DVD support once a BR-capable DVD Player.app is up and running (due to it using the same codecs etc, and the video will still be playable if Apple doesn't implement HDi).

    If you didn't already guess, I'm more interested in HD DVD than BR and that's because I have a drive and 24 discs that I currently have to reboot into Windows for. It's the only thing I'm using Boot Camp for and I'd love to be able to get rid of it :)

    The other option for me, of course, is to somehow convert my HD DVDs into a "Mac-friendly" format. This is outside the scope of this thread, but I have a few posts on the subject over in this one.

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