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    well, since this is Murika I would say none.
    democrats seemingly are unwilling to admit Clinton is the most corrupt female in GOVT to date.

    sadly it seems they think that a trump win is a validation of everything they hoped for.

    it's not working let's elect democrats, it's not working let's elect republicans and round & round we go.

    perhaps the only ones who learned here are the DNC and the GOP, BOTH will make sure that only those who THEY think should run will be allowed to run under their ticket.
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    Oh I think the voters on all sides will have learned something by time this circus folds its tents, don't you?

    The trouble is no one knows what to take away from this carnival of an election season. The result could be voter activism or apathy in future campaigns. Either people will want to read up more on the candidates for themselves, or they will filter more and build taller information silos for themselves, and so become even more cynical about how their perceived enemies (aka fellow citizens) acquire their own political views. Right now it's mostly the mainstream media who are most concerned about this. That's a positive sign, though: they understand the problem even if good solutions are so far pretty elusive.

    The DNC already changed how it allocates superdelegates. God knows the RNC will rethink their primary schedule for next time: their front-end loading helped reinforce the advent of this fake populist we've taken on board here now for four years or however long he and the Republican leadership see eye to eye, whichever is shorter.

    The question is whether we have to remember our satisfactions and disappointments just until 2020 or whether Trump will be so bad at governing that he's out sooner by his own decision or some set of paperwork offered up by the House of Representatives on behalf of the whole citizenry. In the latter case we're looking at Unca Mikey and a VP to be picked by him, and so probably then until 2024, unless in 2020 the Dems can field some blue dog who appeals to the left-behinds who will still be left-behind by design thanks to the GOP's focus on "top tier problems".

    If Trump sticks, then 2020 probably looks pretty good for the Dems because Trump will have gored a lot of oxen in the meantime on both sides of the aisle. The progressives need to take some cue from the establishment Dems and their leadership now in a governing environment that is not what was expected back in the summer and fall. The same will be true in 2020 since the progressives are way left of the country's general electorate and the governing center.

    The progressives' tactic should be to fight tooth and nail in the House but take some guidance from the DNC in the Senate and in preliminary soundings for 2020 primaries, and meanwhile focus on local and state bench building. The loss by Clinton has its benefits to the party but they're probably not benefits to the national races in the near future. The 2018 races for Senate could be really brutal for Dems depending on how well or poorly Trump does in the meantime. The potential advantage there is that so far Trump doesn't seem to care much about party politics (GOP or Dem), which of course is why Reince Priebus has been installed to try to school him that it actually matters. Good luck w/ that LOL.

    Trump needs to look good personally and how that makes some Senator in some particular state look is really hard for him to bother thinking about. Example: focus on catering to Jeff Sessions' obsession with the Huntsville AL space program may nail down adulation from Alabama but it might not make Texans very happy. Texans like their Senators to bring home bacon too. Trump is about him, period. This will be the GOP's permanent nightmare.

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