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Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Cooknn, Jan 30, 2005.

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    the relative ease in which blogs can be used as a propaganda tool makes them of little value as a source of impartial information....imho.
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    Um, yeah... ok. So where are those WMDs, or ties to Al Qaida? Isn't that why people like my best friend were sent over there? Now it's all about freedom?

    Well, I'm glad they're voting. I'm glad this may work out well in the long run. Hey look at Vietnam... oops. I mean, Korea... Well, nm, I'm still happy it's all suddenly going well. But that doesn't mean I'm happy about they way they went about this war. I'm not happy that over 1300 troops are dead and we had to kill thousands of Iraqs to free them. I'm not happy that we were guarding the oil reserves instead of the weapons that were there, and that our troops have to scrounge for equipment.

    But hey, some guy wrote that things are fine in some blog. Guess I'll just stop complaining and stop believing guys I know who have been there. After all, everyone knows the best way to spread freedom is down the barrell of a gun.
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    Doesn't really sound like it was written by an Iraqi in Iraq.

    Nice Banner Ad for "Terrorist Takedown", where you play at being an American Soldier.

    Nice Links to Fox News on the side but no Al Jazerra.
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    Your point is well taken, but I'll throw in another I just finished reading. It's written by a fellow who is very much anti-Bush (or at least claims to be) and gives his thoughts after talking to several Iraqi expatriates (living here in the U.S.) who voted last Saturday. An interesting read.
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    I wonder if this blog is funded by tax payer dollars as well. It has all of the right links.
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    Well, here's what I found concerning who this blog is linked to...

    According to the donations page there is a link to an organization called Spirit of America.

    Spirit of America appears to be a wonderful organization doing some really wonderful things.

    Jim Hake founded Spirit of America and is not a stranger to the Administration.

    In fact, Jim appears to be a rising star on the right as some want to nominate him to the UN.

    Even mainstream conservative media outlets like Jim Hake.

    Of course, some others are questioning ties to, well, Big Oil of course, in what seems to be an amazing coincidence.

    What's funny is that they last blog linked discusses this very website...

    Now, this may well be completely ridiculous. But I just find it amazing that a link can be found indirectly to the current administration, also indirectly involving big oil. At least it is not taxpayer money though.

    Something tells me that Jim Hake is being groomed as a rising star. For the most part, it seems like he is doing a great job with SoA, for the most part.
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    Even the BBC and the NYTimes picked up on the story.

    And then more information is offered by Ghandi the Blogger, but I'll have to verify that information another time.

    All you have to do is scratch the surface a little.

    Expanded NYTs article:


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