Letiqué Fx Collection for iPhone 4S/4 [review]


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Feb 26, 2012
If you are in need of an elegant hard shell case for your iPhone, Letiqué FX collection by More-Thing might be just the thing you’re looking for… or is it? In this review I will share my impression, as well as show you the advantages and the disadvantages of this product so you can decide for yourself If it’s worth your attention and money.

You can get the product in somewhat limited range of colors: brown, black or grey. Unfortunately after I unpacked the wrapping there was a little disappointment… Or maybe my expectations were too high.
The case is made of two parts – front and back panels, made of bendable plastic, covered with cowhide genuine leather. They are linked together with a solid double stitch. You can close the case using the two magnets located on both parts of the case.

Putting the iPhone in the case is a piece of cake. You must start with the buttons side. There is a special cutting for both the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S buttons.
Imagine my surprise when I put the phone in the case and I noticed that the cutting doesn’t fit perfectly. It was misshapen! I had more difficulty accessing the volume button, compared to the others above it. In fact, I had to use my nail to press it. See the picture below: actually the problem is that there is no space between the volume button and the lower end of the cutting.

When it’s closed, the case provides good safety for your iPhone. The upper part of the case which covers it is soft so there is no danger of damage to your phone if you drop it. The lay on the table design protects the screen from any scratches, so you can leave your phone face-down on any surface.
When you close the case there are a couple of things you can’t help but notice and then you ask yourself: why didn’t the manufacturer pay more attention when designing the case? You can’t press the Power button freely, because the hard shell covers it almost entirely. Now this might not seem like a big deal, but trust me, after a couple of days it will start getting on you nerves. The headphones jack Is completely free, but if you decide to open the case to change a song while the cable is plugged on, there is a problem! Every time you open the case you will have to go around the headphones’ cable.

Moving on with the problems. When you open the case and put the cover back, it gets in the camera’s way. So basically if you want to take photos you have to hold it down steady so it won’t become a part of your picture. These are all minor setbacks and may be irrelevant if you take them to consideration one at a time, but when you combine them and draw the line, you start to realize that the manufacturer should have paid more attention to the details.
The case’s design is very pretty but after a while (on the fourth day, to be precise) I was really surprised how fast the leather gets dirty and ruined. The edges started to wear out. You have to be extremely careful where you put your case; furthermore you may have to consider washing your hands before touching it. And then, why would you buy a case if you are going to have to consider where to put your phone, even when it’s supposed to be protected? Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose?
One of Letique FX’s best features is the magnetic lock. It’s made of two magnets. One of them sticks to the bottom part of the phone, then you stick the second magnet to the first. It’s pretty fun, you can spend hours playing with it! 

The speaker and the receiver on the bottom side are completely free so they don’t get in the way of good communication. There is direct access to the USB cable slot, all you have to do is unstuck the magnets. Alas, this can’t be considered a great advantage since most cases on the market are made in this manner.

• Magnetic lock
• Provides good safety
• Soft cover that protects the screen from scratches and damage
• Very nice to the touch
• Good workmanship, solid stitches and quality leather
• Elegant and stylish design

• The cutting for the volume buttons is all crooked up, so you will have difficulty pressing them
• No full access to the Power button
• You have to hold the cover when taking photos
• When you plug your headphones they get in the way of opening and closing the case
• Gets dirty and worn out too fast if you’re not careful

Letiqué Fx Collection for iPhone 4S/4 is relatively cheap case with nice design which provides really good protection for your precious iPhone. You have to take into consideration the little defects mentioned above and decide for yourself if they are going to be a major problem for you. In my opinion the worst thing about this case is the fact the leather wears out too fast.
You can buy this case from More-Thing for US$ 49.90


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