Let's Face It, Trump is Lousy at Business

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    Without daddy and taxpayers bailing him out, he'd be running a day spa that turns you orange.

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    Taxpayers love to bail out corporations, don't they?

    But I think the real point is this:


    I can't think of a single exception to that theory. I know I have my own beast of burden. Everyone has one in some form or another. Pity corporations won't bail out taxpayers, or might they?
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    On the whole absolutely, but he has seemed to look out for himself pretty well. :oops: This run for POTUS may throw a big wrench in his future plans and scams.

    I'm am mostly pissed by how the Right Wing lies their asses off regarding TCF while giving the real scam called TTF a pass. In a world of different shades of gray, they appear to be rotten to the core. :oops::mad:
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    When you claim a loss of nearly $1 billion in just one year on a business where the house always wins, it speaks volumes about your business acumen.
  5. LizKat, Oct 6, 2016
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    Oh I think we can say corporations occasionally bail out taxpayers.. or at least law makers. Remember Tom DeLay, aka "The Hammer" back in the day when he ruled the roost in the House from 1994 on? He was forever getting contributions from corporations and being ferried to assorted overseas jaunts by lobbyists working for corporate interests, etc. But he only made the news for being "bailed out" by a corporation because after one of his indictments for corruption or money laundering; someone noticed Walmart had made a perhaps very timely contribution two days after an indictment.


    Good ol' Tom. Nine-lives-lucky Tom cat: his could-have-been 99-year but was 3-year prison sentence for money laundering was overturned on appeal, whole thing promptly deemed to have been "just politics".

    Tom DeLay's approach to politics has lived on in the rise of the Tea Party and points farther yet to the right... but he pretty much proved that sometimes corporations do bail out "taxpayers"... unless ol' Tom was as good as Donald Trump has been at finding legal ways not to be one.

    But the tax code is not likely as generous to former pest exterminators as it is to real estate developers. Even when he became a member of Congress, Ol' Tom probably had to work pretty hard to round up the bennies he magnanimously passed along in the form of checks dished out from the floor of the House to incumbents seeking re-election. Heh, "just politics" was indeed what that was.

    Donald Trump, on the other hand, pretty much worked from the other side of the table until he really got into politics. Donald gets it that the system is pretty much broken but he figures hey, it's what there is.

    Mr. Trump in his presidential bid has portrayed himself as an outsider independent from special interests and what he called the “rigged” political system. The candidate and his aides have said making legal contributions doesn’t put him in the same category as what they describe as career politicians, such as Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, his opponent for the White House.

    “He has always said he’s given to politicians his entire career and he thinks the system is broken,” said Alan Garten, general counsel at the Trump Organization, an umbrella company for Mr. Trump’s businesses. “Thinking that the system is broken doesn’t preclude him from giving to politicians when they are knocking on his door 365 days of the year.”

    Mr. Trump has been open about his motives. “As a businessman and a very substantial donor to very important people, when you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do,” he told The Wall Street Journal in July 2015 in discussing donations to Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. “As a businessman, I need that.”

    Now how that last bit makes Donald Trump different from a certain "career politician" he figures has been into pay for play, I have not quite figured out.

    On topic: Mr. Trump may be very bad at business but like Tom DeLay he does get how things work.


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