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Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Huntn, Jul 14, 2013.

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    To avoid derailing the "Fair Fight" thread, I started a new thread.

    If you like a strict social order that is enforced with severe punishments, then Singapore is a paradise. :rolleyes: I just don't think it's a destination anytruly Democratic society wants to head.

    My impression (correct me if I'm wrong) is that most citizens tow the line for fear of incarceration or being sued into oblivion by the government. You want to speak out against the government? Good luck avoiding serious recriminations. No, the U.S. is not what is used to be, but if it were like Singapore, I don't think you'd see the free wheeling, polarized, partisan discussions we have in this forum and across the country.

    I'll point out that this article is 5 years old, but I believe it still applies:
    Masters of Oppression in Singapore

    Any country with a Miscellaneous Offenses Act believes in having a big net for all occasions.

    The Effects of Prolonged Oppression to the Young People of Singapore. (2010)

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    As a kid growing up in the 80's I thought I knew what that meant...a democratic society; a free society.

    At this point I'm not so sure what that means anymore, and even if such a standard can be applied to the USA anymore.

    I don't think we are "by the people, of the people, for the people". I think that died some time ago.

    Maybe a nation like Singapore got it right. I don't know.

    However when people talk about this American "freedom" it always reminds me of a scene in "Watchmen"

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    I like Singapore, neat country but it is different in many ways. Singapore has a very high quality of life and the country takes great pride in itself. It also has some strict consequences for certain actions. For many people in Singapore, if not a majority of them, living with these strict rules is not a problem.

    No chewing gum, no problem because they don't even sell it in the country.

    No drugs (and they mean it), no problem if you aren't a drug user. Now if you have a kid I might be worried if they venture out and try a drug, because they are there despite their legal status.

    For the most part though, I'd say Singapore is a great country to live in a neat part of the world. You would definitely have to check your actions and make sure you are capable of living in a society like that. I would happily change certain behaviors to live in Singapore for a while.

    I would not however, want to live in Singapore long term.
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    Singapore might be authoritarian, but they are also the only rich country with a sovereign wealth fund who don't have oil - or in fact any natural resources of any note whatsoever.

    And fifty years ago they were also pretty poor (albeit the third richest city in Asia).

    And their taxes aren't particularly high either (although they do have pretty high social contributions making their "income tax" reasonably comparable to the West).
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    Now that you live there, as time goes by maybe you'll update your view. My understanding is that those in control don't abide by protests, or any challenge to their authority. Yes this could make for a well ordered society, but a price is paid for it. And if this is accurate, maybe you'll find the price is worth it. The last person (who lives in Singapore) I communicated with on a forum like this could never say anything critical of Singapore and as time went by it became apparent not because he thought the place was perfect, but that he was afraid to for whatever the reason, I don't know exactly what the repercussions might be.
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    There is a spectrum of total freedom and no authority on the left and limited freedom and oppressive authority on the right. I used to think the the U.S. was in the sweet spot. Not so much any more, but I would put Singapore to our right towards limited freedoms and oppressive authority.

    Dr. Chee Soon Juan: "This government is not a democratic one, it does not believe in democratic principles, so when someone questions, it comes down on protestors as an autocratic government would."

    Young Turks from 2009:

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    Bingo. I've got friends over there so I've been a few times. I love it. So much that I'll be moving over in 12 months time. It's one of the few places I've been that I feel genuinely safe at night.
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    I lived there when I was younger. It was lovely, a great place to grow up.
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    My country may seem like a nice place to live in, providing a very safe environment with a complete and strict ban of firearms, and a decent standard of living for most citizens. But personally I'm one of the people here who wants to migrate to other countries, preferably Japan, South Korea or the States.

    It's the citizens here that are the problem. Find some time to come visit my county and you will be literally appalled by their behavior towards things in life. After spending close to 2 decades living life here, I'm dying to get out of here the first chance I can.

    The people here grumble at all the smallest things, blames everything that befalls them on the government and take the peaceful life here for granted. The instance something bad occurs, all fingers are pointed in the direction of the government or other people, never at themselves. People here keep to themselves, preferring to do their own stuff every day and never once even attempting to create a friendlier environment where people can better understand each other like in the US. Reading the papers everyday, the Singaporean mentality is really that of a deteriorating one. I cannot help but imagine what will happen to our people 2 generations in the future.

    Make no mistake, live in this country for a few years and you'll begin to comprehend what I mean. Democracy in this country? Hardly at all.

    In Singapore, it's every man for themselves.
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    I'm trying to decide if this is a serious post and not a sarcastic one. If by chance it is (serious), aren't people just being people? :)

    Would you agree or disagree that the government as a rule does not abide by protests directed at it? That is could be viewed as Big Brother*? Not trying to get you in trouble. Note, I do believe the U.S. is headed down the same sad path.

    *reference to a famous novel.

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