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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jlake02, Sep 5, 2014.

  1. jlake02 macrumors 68020


    Nov 2, 2008
    I'm curious what the MR community thinks Apple will (or won't) do about wireless charging.

    Recently rumors have been heating up about Apple's plans for wirelessly charging the "iWatch."

    Patents have been circulating for nearly two years which will have given Apple time to prepare the tech for wide release.


    The TLDR is:

    Apple has patented a tech that uses near-field magnetic resonance (NFMR) to wirelessly deliver power to a distance 1 meter (3.28 feet) away.

    This means your next Apple computer could charge the keyboard, mouse and iOS device "through the air." While you work at your computer, your iPhone and iWatch are automatically charging.

    One can safely assume that a separate device would be sold for those who have an iOS device but not a Mac. Imagine such a device on your nightstand. Now you can wear your iWatch all night to get sleep data and still have a full charge in the morning.

    Such examples are obviously just a tip of the iceberg. Apple could license the technology in countless ways. Tables at Starbucks. Inside your car dashboard. Embedded on subways and other public locations.

    (It should be noted that some observers claim the tech would not be powerful enough to power iPhones or iPads. However, that would most likely leave the "iWatch" in play.)

    Assuming, for a moment, that safety is not an issue and Apple has done appropriate testing in that regard, wouldn't this tech be something "revolutionary" in the discussion of limited battery life and power hungry devices?

    Wouldn't this change our everyday lives (even for wireless charging "naysayers?")

    Curious to see what MR forum members think about this and what knowledge, thoughts, links, etc, we can dig up.

  2. Izauze macrumors 6502

    Oct 13, 2013
    Yup, thats always what I assumed the reality would be if they implement wireless charging. The only problem that a direct-contact charging pad would solve is not having to include a charging plug into the design, thus saving space.

    You have to have a charging "field" of some kind to conquer the problem of constantly taking off my watch and plugging it in.

    And if it IS implemented in the iWatch, it will only be a matter of time before they crack the code on adding it to the iPhone.
  3. Lloydbm41 Suspended


    Oct 17, 2013
    Central California
    I love setting my Nexus and Lumia phones on my Qi wireless chargers. No trying to find plug ports, no messing around in the dark... Just set my phone on my Tylt Vu chargers and go... Or go to sleep.

    If ever there is a room wide true wireless charging experience, that will be awesome. Doubt it will happen anytime soon though. Lots of safety issues I bet.

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