LG 5K Ultrafine (2nd gen) flicker on bottom half of screen?


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Dec 6, 2009
Anyone had this problem or know of it to be a somewhat common issue?

I have tried all ports on my new 2019 15" MBP and get the same results no matter what. I've also had Wifi issues with this machine which I don't think is related but definitely adds to the frustration.

The bottom third to half of the screen is always flickering although it's not always noticeable unless certain images or colors are displayed. I can pretty much detect it at all times but it's extremely distracting a lot of the times.

My iPhone camera in video mode picks it up very clearly even when I can't clearly see it with my eyes. But it's always there and I eventually do see it.

Update: light grays reliably reproduce the issue for some reason. It's worse on the bottom left but is all across the bottom.
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