LH Animal Sounds: Gorgeous app for toddlers only now FOR FREE!

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    Simple, colorful and useful - it's just a perfect app for toddlers! LH Animal Sounds is a perfect choice for any young and curious iPad user and only until March the 2nd you can have it for FREE!


    LH Animal Sounds is a truly kid-friendly app. Great quality of pictures, sound and design makes it easy to offer to your child a great value. Over forty gorgeous characters will introduce your kid into the world of animals. Touching a funny picture of a frog playing a violin he can get to know what is its name and how to spell it, and what is more: what kind of sound does it make!

    There are so many surprises waiting to be revealed that your kid won't be ever bored with LH Animal Sounds. You also will be delighted with the beauty of simplicity and smart solutions making this app a perfect one for your kid!


    We love so much children and want them to be happy that we have decided to share with this amazing app totally for FREE!

    You can have it FOR FREE only until March the 2nd following this link:

    It's easy as it seems: learn and have fun - with Learning Heroes!

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    Feb 20, 2012
    LH Animal Sounds is now available on iPhone!

    As in the title: more children can enjoy the music of LH Animal Sounds now :)


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