Lifting the lid on Apple's vow of silence

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    The takeaway:

    "Apple operates behind a wall of silence and in turn that feeds its talkability," says Frank PR Australia's managing director, Myfanwy McGregor, referring to the chatter or buzz that the company generates.

    But, she says, it is able to sustain that high level of viral awareness only because of the reputation it has developed for producing cutting-edge products and services. "If the product wasn't good enough that buzz would soon die off."

    Apple's other stroke of genius, she says, is to keep positioning itself as a challenger brand when in fact it is now a mature and well established one - with a big business behind it.

    "When they started Apple were a small fish in a big pond and the key to their success is that they still act this way, although they now dominate the pond."

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    Nice article. Seems about accurate lol. Love the pictures too :D

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