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    PetDating (Making an Appointment for your Pet!)
    It is universally agreed that people who raise pets are always kind-hearted and caring, we are sure you are the typical one of them! Thus, we guess you are willing to make friends with the other benevolent pet-owners, do you?

    If you do love your pet, you will certainly know it is no good keeping him or her stay at home. From now on, lead your baby outdoor to obtain fresh air and make new friends more often, we are sure your baby will pay deeply gratitude for you!

    As a considerate parent, are you still fret over your baby's marriage mate? Here, on our website, there are abundant pet introduction with excellent pictures and texts, from which you can easily focus on the ideal mate for you baby.
    We are also rest assure that you will make friends with the other parents by this way!

    You do not got a pet yet? Never mind, come here, we prepare you a lot of pet transacting information. Don’t be hesitate, just pick your baby right now!



    Introduction of the software:

    PetDating is the pets' facebook intended for people who raise pets, the notion is to combine the pet-owners as a pet-neighborhood, where they can exchange their pet stories and make friends both between owner and pets.

    1. My pet:
    In this section, you can record a typical day of your pet so as to share with your friends.

    2. Pets' neighborhood
    You can put up your pets on this section, so that all friends in the city will see your baby, you may soon surprised to see that your baby has become a pop star who owns hundreds fans!
    You have no pet for the show? Never mind, you can recommend your neighbor's pretty cat or dog for us in the same way.

    3. Pet Dating
    Here, you can deliver your pet's concrete information for mating, we are very glad to see that your purebred pet successfully get well-matched mating.

    4. Pet transaction
    You want to find your pet baby here? This section will provide you plentiful information with abundant texts and photos for choice.
    It is very likely for you to get the lovely pets who are transferred by others for free.
    Here, we just remind you that no matter how you get your new pet baby, please ensure you have the energy and time to take care of him or her for the whole life. Never be a irresponsible owner.

    We also plan to hold the pets' beauty pageant from time to time, the beauty king or queen will be launched as the cover star of PetDating!

    download address:
    Or just simply type "PetDating" in iTunes.

    More Apps direct to: www.honorwater.com
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    wow. pet social networks. my bird needs a friend. :) lol
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    you find the way!

    Bird? what kind of bird?
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