Lingerie Football League game in the works

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    Plese oh please oh please let there be an iPad version of this! ;-)

    Lingerie Football League game in the works

    Having tackled the UFC and WWE, video game developer Yuke's has moved on to another sport: lingerie football.

    The studio says it has snagged the rights to create titles based on the Lingerie Football League.

    Yuke's did not provide details on platforms, release date or a potential publisher. The studio's previous titles based on UFC and WWE were published by THQ.

    "This is one of those milestone moments for the LFL further establishing itself as a mainstream sports and entertainment property," says Mitchell S. Mortaza, founder and chairman of the LFL, in a statement.

    "We ... feel that there is incredible momentum building behind the LFL and that the sport is perfectly positioned to become the next big franchise in the gaming world," said Yuke's CEO Yukinori Taniguchi in a statement on the LFL's website.

    Yuke's is in search of a fresh franchise after losing the rights to the UFC. Earlier this month, Electronic Arts announced it snagged the UFC license from THQ. Their last title, UFC Undisputed 3, was well received by critics with an average Metacritic score in the mid-80s.

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    Wait... this is a real sport?! Why wasn't this on the Olympics? :confused:
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    I expected some hoax, but apparently this is legit. Wow

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