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Liquid Damage to Touch Bar Connector 2017 MBP


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Jul 7, 2020

I'm hoping someone can give me some advice. A few months ago I needed to get the entire motherboard replaced on my 2017 MBP. This was covered under warranty and seemed to work fine. I then realized I was having issues with the wifi dropping out so I brought it back into the same authorized Apple repair center and they fixed that within an hour or two. It seemed to be working from this point but 2 weeks later I started having the "Fingerprint limit reached" error and while I tried all the usual fixes nothing seemed to work.

It looked like it was an issue with the touch bar and I would need to take it back in to get it repaired but because I had it out of action for a few weeks prior to this point and I had just started working from home because of COVID I really couldn't go another stint with it sitting waiting for repairs. I figured it wasn't a big deal that I would have to use my password rather than the touch ID so I put the repair off.

Fast forward two months, the laptop wont turn on and I was told that the Logic Board and Top Case would need to be replaced without warrant cover due to water damage to the touchbar connector.

You can see in the attached image that the corrosion appears to be only on the connector and not on the board around it so it seems really likely to me that the water damage occurred during the last repair. Combine this with the fact that I don't keep liquid anywhere near it and that the initial problems happened with the touch bar only 2 weeks after that repair I feel pretty strongly that the $2000 repair price tag shouldn't be on me.

If anyone has any advice with this sort of thing I'd really appreciate some help.



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Jul 8, 2011
Be nice to the repair shop. Go in an explain the situation. In no way am I saying that it will get it fixed at their cost. If they deny that they got it in contact with any liquid you will end up paying for the repair. Maybe try to see if they will split the cost with you. It's another option. Just some suggestions for you.
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