Liquid Element Case Review (Long/pictures) (Also touches on the naked case)

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Wolfield, Jan 23, 2009.

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    Review of the Element Case Liquid for iPhone 3G:


    Ok to start with, let’s go about how I came to the decision to buy this case. I wanted a case that will protect the entire phone including the front screen, but also allows easy access to the front screen.

    When I first bought the phone I picked up the "naked case" apart from having naked in its name (yes that’s a selling point that worked for me), but also it was cheap (£20) and could protect my phone straight away.

    This case was good but I found dirt got under it very quickly and required cleaning out every 2 days, also after I installed an invis-shield on the screen, the naked case screen protector stuck to this, and made controls less reactive, and marks on the screen where it was sticking (which goes away after you separate them). On its own the naked case is a good case but it does take away the sleek look of the iPhone.

    So I wanted a case that looked good, and offered good protection with my invis-shield installed. So I went the usual root of looking through leather ones that flip open, sliding ones etc etc. Now I came across the power pack that has a second lipo battery in the back, which can charge your phone. I thought I had found the case I wanted, it’s a bit different, protects the phone, and also extends its life, win win.

    So why don’t I own that case? Well a quick search on eBay and I found you can buy lipo batts for charging the iPhone on the move, and thus I ended up with a solar charging batt. Which has the same life as this case, but I can leave the batt. In my bag and forget about it until an emergency comes along. So the power case was out the window for being to bulky when it didn’t need to be.

    Back to square one.

    Then I came across the Element Case, its unique, protect the phone, can personalise it, protects the front screen with a removable flip lid, so I can still keep my invis-shield on (and after a painful few hours of trail and error to get it on, it’s staying on!).

    So I did my research. Found lots of youtube videos showing the case, looked through the websites, read a review or 5. Now the reviews I could find, 1 or 2 were personal reviews but all the rest seemed to be companies, or websites, which I thought could be biased etc. I wanted a review from Mr Normal, who spent his hard earned money on a case, and after he is £100+ down, I wanted to know what he really felt. Thus I have come along with a review that if your still reading you must be bored by now since I haven’t even started talking about the case, and just to clarify I am not Mr Normal, but I’m pretty close...kind of close....alright alright a tiny bit abnormal, lets move on.

    Order Process:

    I emailed Element Case through the sales email on the website, its a few pages deep, but pretty straight forward to find, you can also use the web contact box on the website, which would forward anything onto the email address, but I find it easier to use the email address so I can keep all contact organised through my emails. 2 hours later, bang got a reply. From a Mr Jeff. In my email I asked about costs for custom graphics, which format they have to be in, how complicated they can be, and delivery to the UK. A few quick emails back and forth over the next day (time difference made emailing a bit slower since when I was sorting it out he was asleep and vice a versa)(you know if everyone was on gmt time zone, my life would be a lot easier....just saying).

    I sent him my graphic, I also inverted the graphics colours so he could choose, which one would look the best. He then asked if he could edit the graphic to sharpen a few lines, round off a rounded bit, and make it A+ looking. Or so he says, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with my graphic :)

    We agreed on the price with shipping to the UK, and a quick papal payment later the money was gone. All £130 Inc delivery, just gone, vanished, poof. Now I was starting to have second decisions. I just paid a big chunk of money, on a case, A CASE, seriously, it can’t do anything, doesn't bring me any pleasure, and well, for that much money I could of had a good evening out at the strip club, a few private dances later...ok yea I would of wasted the money, but it doesn't change the point, its a damn lot of money. Here are a few things you could get:

    - As above a good night out (strip club, or clubbing etc.)
    - A few bad nights out
    - A ipod shufflex2
    - A ipod nano
    - 130 lottery tickets (hell I could be a zillionaire by now)
    - Invest it in a high interest 10 year 7% apr account...ermm yea
    - Gamble it
    - Gamble your winnings from above, loose it all
    - 10000 penny sweets! At 1p each, with interest from my day, could only get about 5000 now. With £30 left over for a bucket to be sick in.
    - Spend it on the gf/wife (personally I would go with option 1 here)
    - Buy yourself a new item to go with your hobby (fishing rod, airsoft gun, golf club, boxing gloves, running trainers etc)
    - A semi decent watch, which will last a good 10 years.
    - 5 cases for your phone.

    So back to where I was, I just spent a lot of money. So first thing I do is tell people so they can laugh at me and make me feel even more guilty, a few people later, starting to regret my decision. Then I remembered why I spent this much money. If you are going to buy a phone that after contract period has cost you £720ish a £100 for a nice case to keep it looking good and protected, doesn't seem that bad, hell it seems a bargain. The fact the case looks good after it does the job of protecting is just a bonus.

    Now since I live in the UK the delivery time was very long, stupidly long, a whole 9 days from payment to my front door. In that time, it had to be custom made, 2 Sundays went by, and also I paid late in the evening, had to be taken to an airport, loaded on a plane, flown half way around the world, taken off the plane, taken to a sorting office, sorted, driven to depo, sorted onto a van, driven to my house, and all this in 9 days....yea I must admit it was a bit slow. Next time if you could hire superman to hand deliver it I would be happier. (For the idiots out there, I am being ironic, normal delivery time is 20+ days for items from the US and A)

    Element Case hands on:

    So I open the well protected 2 packages, and take out a black box, with a nice window so I can see my case, flip open this box, and there is my case, in a little plastic sleeve and a FREE flip lid next to it. I have forgotten to mention up to this point, but any cases you buy comes with a second free flip lid, that’s £14 in value, and it’s FREE. Sorry I like free things, the fact I spent £130 for a free item is nothing to worry about. So I take out the case, and it’s perfect, not a single mark out of place, the graphic is perfect, the front graphic is perfect, the fact it’s got element case all over it just adds to it. The custom edition 01 of 01 at the top right, just adds to it even more. To my above comment the case has Element Case written on it twice, there E logo on the back once, and on the front 5 times, some of it was done by my choice of graphic and some of it is standard. And it looks great! (Check pictures below to make this chunk of text actually mean something). Putting the phone into the case meant undoing two hex screws (out of the 4) and sliding it in, tighten them back up, job done. This case is the only one out there, will only be the only one out there, its unique, and its mine. I like this fact, so no one copy the graphic and designs I chose!


    Now onto whether it works, yes we know it looks good, great, and excellent, I diverge, does it work? Answer is yes. A resounding yes. And yes once more for luck. It works well, it’s been designed to work, it’s not a cheap knock off. From the ground up it's been made to work, and work well. In the hand it feels great, better than the iPhone which is a bit skinny. It’s like a women, yes, all the skinny stand sideways and I’m invisible girls, do look great, but once your riding that train you’re worried you might break them. You want a girl that looks just as great, but has some meat, something to grab, to bite, to feel....ok, cold shower, back on topic. It is made to sit in the hand, you are not going to drop it, and if you did, it wouldn’t break, its solid as a rock, I would prove this by dropping it, but there is no need to prove that I am right.
    Yes I have a problem, having an expensive case, I feel the need for a case for the case, since it might get scratched...good news is I can buy new flip lids (the main part that would get damaged with constant use back and forward, and made of a weaker plastic then the back (Though the back will get scratched I am sure)) for £15 in a new colour. So if it does get scratched 10 months later, or if I want a change, £15, it’s changed and looking great. Or I could just use the FREE one I got...but in 10 months time I might have £15 to spend.

    When you get a call, you take the lid off and put it on the back, the magnets are super strong, and Element Case guarantee that it doesn't damage the phone, I have found they have done no damage, and I have no signal/3g/wifi loss, so all the magnet conspirators out that, your wrong, go get a life. They make a nice click sound as they connect and take a bit of force to remove again, so you won't loose the flip lid. You leave it on the front to protect the screen while in your pocket, take it to the back when you get a call. When you get a text, I just read it through the lid. If taking a picture, I just rotate the flip lid so two magnets still hold it solid on the back, and the cam is able to take pictures so a quick picture a small rotate (one handed) back and its on as normal. You may see this as a hassle, but its quick and easy, little ridges give you grip to remove/place/rotate with ease. Or some people may just not use there flip lid, with the invis-screen on, and the rest of the case protected there is no need for the flip lid...but I like it.

    The flip lid also has a use, it can be used as a stand so the phone can sit at a nice viewing angle for videos (*******s real player) etc. This works in both landscape and portrait mode, check the pictures below. Also I found the magnets are strong enough to hold it onto any metal object, a fridge, a metal notice board etc. this might come in useful for you.

    All ports and buttons are easy to access, the only problem is it cannot be docked, but connection through the wire is still easy. Headphone port still works easily, volume buttons, silent switch, on off button, home button etc.

    Through extra reading I found out Element Case are planning accessories and even a battery pack to go with there cases in the future, since they make them for gaming this makes sense, also there hand made designs change after a certain number run, meaning your case is limited edition, or if you get it custom made, is unique.

    Ending (at last you think):

    Well done for reading this far, here's a free tip for you, look both ways when crossing the road.
    Now I never write reviews for anything, there is not point. People don’t read them, it takes time to write, I am not a good writer, a bad speeler, and very lazy. So just the fact I have taken the time to write this review, then signed up to a forum to post it, just goes to show how much I think of this case. The king of cases, (or if you got it in pink, the queen of cases!)

    So this case is everything I wanted, and more. It works. It protects. It looks good. It’s comfy. Its reassureingly expensive (like that beer). Not many people have them, but the people that do will all say the same, it’s worth the money. I would like to say thanks to Element Case and Jeff, for a great item, great service, great shipping, and great communication and wish them luck in becoming even better and bigger in the future. I am one happy customer, and will recommend this to the whole internet, it’s worth it. Well done.

    Pictures: (These were taken using a crappy phone cam (not the iphone (though it is a crap cam)) in the dark, with bad lighting, but they show what is needed, since i am not a prof reviewer etc. it doesnt matter about quality)














  2. Ferris23 macrumors 68020

    Sep 24, 2007
    Well written review, however I think that case is awful. It looks huge, bulky and totally kills the look of the Iphone. But, it works for you so nice find.
  3. Fireproof! macrumors 6502a


    Dec 1, 2008
    Frisco, TX
    Your review needs Cliffs' Notes.

    And ditto about the ugly case, but if you like it, who cares what others think. :)
  4. Wolfield thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 23, 2009
  5. bassproguy07 macrumors 6502a


    Aug 13, 2008
    Katy, TX
    cliff notes, are a summary of the most important parts of a cliff notes of your review would be the most important parts of your review, the actual pros and cons. Most college kids are too lazy to read a whole book so they read cliff notes which include all the important parts. Good review, if I had the money to spend I would get it, seems like the ULTIMATE iPhone case +1 for you sir, great should do a video
  6. Wolfield thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 23, 2009
  7. Dr. Cabrera macrumors 65816

    Aug 25, 2008
    Los Angeles
    I was at a bar tonight inputting a woman's number into my iPhone and she said

    "wow you don't have a case on your iPhone"

    "nope" ( I hand her my iPhone)

    " I really hate how everyone is putting a huge ugly case on their iPhones now "


    I think that sums up my opinion on this case

    Great review though
  8. climbnbike macrumors newbie

    Jan 25, 2009
    San Jose, CA
    Thanks for the great review!

    I had just posted a reply to another thread asking if anyone had the Element case and then I find your thread! :)

    This detailed info is exactly what I'm looking for. (My two cents: I don't care about bulkiness if it means my iPhone is going to be protected. And I think the cases are rather stylish!) Nice design btw...I guess I better get started thinking about a bike-related design for mine!
  9. st1ngo macrumors member

    Oct 25, 2008
    The iphone is a thing of wonderful design and indeed beauty
    Congratulations on ruining the entire look of the phone and managing to spend £130 in the process...
    Incidentally ...just in case (no pun intended) you wanted the case to protect your phone £130 is the exact amount Apple charge in the UK for replacing a damaged phone !
  10. Wolfield thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 23, 2009
  11. istinkles macrumors member

    Sep 22, 2008
    First: i didn't read the review. in school right now:D. But I got the element case in april. it is bulkier than most cases, but any picture seems to make it look huge, when it actually isn't really that big. personally, i think it looks awesome

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