Lisa Marie Presley & Nicolas Cage are getting a divorce!


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Aug 1, 2002
Dallas, TX
After just three months of marriage, Lisa Marie Presley and Nicolas Cage are reportedly calling it quits.

"Entertainment Tonight" reports Cage filed for divorce yesterday in Los Angeles.

He reportedly cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.

They were married on August 10, 2002.

The marriage lasted only 3 months! Is that a record or what? I guess they were trying to break Robert Evans record. Even MJ did better than that. Elvis must be rolling in his grave.

Peter :rolleyes:

Kid Red

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Dec 14, 2001
I don't get movie stars. They were married what, 4 months ago? If that? What's the fricking point of getting married only to get a divorce months down the road? Why don't you two live together for a while (look at Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel, 12+ years, like 4 kids and they aren't married). Seems like celebs don't know what the frick they are doing, Modonna, J_Ho I mean J_Lo, Nicole Kidman, these women can't stay married for long.


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May 29, 2002
Originally posted by Hemingray
Yeah boy, never saw that coming... :rolleyes:

Movie stars make a joke out of marriage. It's disgusting.
These are just in the media. Last I checked more than 50% of all marriages end in divorce. That 50% is definitely not all in Hollywood. :)


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Oct 30, 2001
London, UK
It seems that these wonderfully "elite" members of our society just love to be in the limelight for whatever reason - even if it means ridiculing the sanctity of marriage.

I suppose it's the Hollywood mentality - take Winona Ryder for instance. Obviously, in order to be noticed by the critics, a bit of Kleptomania couldn't go amiss. You can't buy that kind of publicity - her next film will be well noted by the press, and reported on accordingly...

And what about the whole Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman thing? Their 10 farcical years together didn't do their careers a bit of harm. My wife has a friend who worked for a prominent society magazine, and she pointed out that the marriage was an arranged contract over a 10 year period - by the end of that time, both parties would divorce. She told us this in the Cruises' 8th year of marriage.

Lo-and-behold, 10 years TO THE MONTH, they split...

(segway to "Twilight Zone" music)

The bottom line for these warped individuals is -

No matter what form of publicity it takes, it's still publicity - and at least it's better than NO publicity at all.



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Oct 28, 2002
Pretty Cagey...

Yea, once Saint Nick found out that Lisa Marie was the daughter of Elvis, he immediately wanted a divorce. Turns out Mr. Cage thought she was the daughter of the "Elvish", the Lord of the Rings pointy eared folk. And since he was only sleeping with Lisa Marie so he could get a part in the Rings movies, he saw no reason to continue monkeying around with Michael Jackson's old flame...



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Jul 27, 2002
She's a gold-digger.

She doesn't have a job, never did, and I can't imagine she's still living off Elvis.


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Oct 20, 2002
As long as Baby Boomers are alive she will have no worries!

They live in a completely different world, to them its a game. Acting is high anxiety living. I think it would hard to live with the others ego. Is love the reason or ego?
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