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    Mar 10, 2011
    Hi everyone!

    I recently developed an iOS app called ListMe. It's an app for list / todo sharing and collaboration. All updates in your lists show up instantly and you're able to see what was changed and who did it.

    You can use it to share a grocery list with your spouse, share a packing list for a camping trip with your friends or any other list you want.


    • List sharing - collaborate with others via iOS devices.

    • Instant realtime synchronization – no need to reload the list or press "Sync" button, changes show up instantly.

    • List changes tracking – list items updated by other people are highlighted and you can see what was changed and who changed it.

    • Works when offline – no limitations for offline mode, all changes you make will be synchronized to the server right after you are back online.

    • Custom list sort – sort your lists items any way you want: manually, by title, description or responsible.

    • Swipe to delete – delete a list item by swiping it and hitting the delete button.

    • 2 types of lists – todo and plain lists.

    • Ability to assign a responsible.

    • Push notifications support.

    • Landscape mode support.

    Demo video:


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    Mar 10, 2011
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    Jan 6, 2006
    Just bought this app for myself and gifted it for my wife - excellent for sharing lists. I've been paying for Remember the Milk pro subscriptions x2 - this app means I don't need to renew that later this week.

    It could do with slightly more functionality (ideally!) but it's perfectly adequate for most of my needs as it is.

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