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Sep 4, 2002
Raleigh, NC
I know this sounds kinda crazy, but I'm wondering if anyone knows if the powerbook 800 is as fast or faster than the powermac dual 533....

I am looking to buy a powerbook for my personal use, and @work I use a dual 533 which is pretty quick at most things, but on some apps I use it can get a tad bit sluggish.

But I was thinking that a single 800 with the better cache may actually run faster than the dual 533....

Any ideas on this??:confused:


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Dec 28, 2001
i think it would depend on what apps and OS your using on each comp, if you were using software that recognises dual processors (photoshop etc..) then you prolly wouldnt notice a huge difference but for every-day usage i would have thought the PB800 would be at least 20% faster - thats just my estimate though.


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Jul 16, 2002
Salt Lake City, UT
You also have to look at the convienience to power ratio. Those powerbooks go everywhere. Are they fast? Yes. Are they good for rendering out hours of blue screen compositing? No. But that's why programs have offline options. I shouldn't assume that you edit, but I do and I'm just giving a run down on why a Powerbook would be good. I wish I had one... :(