Little story about Apple's white box replacements.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by reRESERVEDMD, Apr 12, 2013.

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    I've noticed throughout the years how many of you have always wondered what types of devices Apple uses as their replacements.

    I am a perfectionist myself, and it is a terrible gift. I have had many replacements of multiple devices throughout the years and always dreaded Apple's white box.

    I have, however, concluded that almost all white box devices are actually Apple's brand new stock being sold as replacements only. I've noticed that nearly every single device's serial number is the same as the ones used in brand new devices.

    There are refurbished phones out there. Chances are, you don't have one. After purchasing my iPhone 4S, I handed my 4 to my niece. When she broke it and we went to the Apple Store to get it swapped out, the two replacements she received were all 5K phones. This means that the only time refurbished phones begin to circulate is after the production is halted.

    I also spoke to a very nice Apple Senior Advisor today and we've had a conversation about it. He confirmed that many people and Apple CS reps believe that white box phones are refurbished. They are, in fact, brand new phones. They cannot call them "new" due to legal issues. Hence why many have heard about white box phones being "refurbished".

    Thus, to recap everything; if it's in production, it's brand new! :)
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    Apr 16, 2008
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    To me it doesn't even matter.
    I cant even tell if its brand new or refurbished since it looks and feels brand new.
    All outer shell and components are replaced along with the battery and only some internals reused on refurbished iphones anyway.
    Its all in peoples heads. Some make it sound like its the end of the world.
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    Aug 8, 2008
    I've always thought that the replacements were refurbished, and people have said for years that the outer shell is replaced to make them seem like they are new phones--and I can't dispute that. However, I've never seen pics of the facility or factory where this process takes place? Has anyone here?

    I've seen several pics of new iPhones being made at FOXCONN but not this mysterious refurb factory. It would be cool to see exactly how they tear the phones apart and put a new shell on. Some of the iPhone models are far less repairable than others. Maybe they just recycle the motherboard and that's it.
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    The people who worry about refurbs need to take a step back. Are you obsessed with buying brand new cars only? Are you obsessed with buying or living in brand new construction only? If you answered "no" to either of those, I suggest you re-assess your refurb anxiety. Their will be a handful of compulsive people that literally need help to get over it. But most of you need to just decide you are willing to take that small leap and realize how silly the compulsion was in the first place.
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    Jan 18, 2013
    This is the safe for work version of an Aston Martin ad, something similar can or should be made for white box iPhones.

  6. syd430 Guest

    Doesn't really mean anything. White boxes are probably a mix of new and refurbished phones. They would never make the serial number a give away, otherwise floor staff/customers can pick and choose, and second hand buyers would know if the phone has been remanufactured simply by looking up the serial number.
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    Apple does not consider their phones refurbished. Every time I go into the store and here someone asking will their replacement be a refurbished phone, the genius always says no. Its considered remanufactured. The difference is, the internals are all reused, but the exterior is 100% brand new.

    You use to be able to tell if a phone was refurbished because it would have little marks here and there on the exterior. So technically yes, every single replacement in a white box is new. That is a new screen, new battery and new external casing, but chances are once you are 4-5 months into the product cycle, the internals are being 'remanufactured'.

    Here is an explanation of the differences:

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