Loading 5 CDs onto a DVD...possible?

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The reason why I'm asking is that I'm curious on whether I can load multiple CDs from games onto one DVD, and that whenever the game usually requests to "Insert CD 2" or something, that it will recognize that it's already inserted...

In other words, I want to avoid disk changing by burning a DVD.


(I'm bringing this up because of the Myst games...:D)


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Apr 25, 2002
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this is how

This is how to do it (never done it myself though). Make an image of each cd on your hard drive. Use toast to burn each image as a separate track on a dvd. that should be it. once the dvd is done, it should appear as 5 different cd's on the computer. i believe it mounts each track as a data cd.


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Mar 25, 2002
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I have no idea if it will work, but I will be very interested to know if it does. So please, whoever does try it make sure to let us know if it works. :)


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Jan 22, 2002
if it doesn't, just burn the image files onto the DVD and mount them as needed off the DVD. so you could also make images of all your software, put them on the DVD, and then when you get a new computer, you won't have to bust out a CD binder or whanot (you could even try a DVD-RAM so you can add new software easily as you get more)... (though I dunno exactly how legal this is...but it's no big deal if you're the only one using the software at any given time)

you're right this is a cool idea :D


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Feb 7, 2002
only problem i see with mounting the images is that some games/software might require seeing their specfic cd in the drive....

so if you're just mounting images off the dvd, it might not work.

but for most stuff, it would. games seem to be the main ones that want a hard copy in there.
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