Local Verizon store steering customers towards non-existent 4G

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by hakr100, May 30, 2012.

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    Mar 1, 2011
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    I happened to be in my local Verizon owned and operated cell phone store the other day and while I was waiting for service, I overheard a conversation between a customer who wanted a new iPhone and a store salesman. The salesman was doing everything in his power to steer the customer away from the iPhone and towards one of Verizon's 4G offerings.

    I thought this was funny, because there is *no* 4G coverage in our area, and no one knows when there will be. The rep was talking about having the "latest" technology phone and all the "wonders" of 4G and then the customer said something like "OK...let's see a demo. Show me what 4G means in speed versus what the iPhone does."

    Well, that was pretty much the end of it. No demo. :D
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    Oct 11, 2011
    funny :) if you head over to howard forums and look at the verizon agent forum subsection, you will read that the associates are directed to steer customers away because verizon doesn't make crap off the iphone sales. so the sales associate is doing what any normal sales person who wants to make more money would do: point the person the higher profit product.

    funny, but sad for the people that don't know the difference :(
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    In a way they are not entirely wrong for suggesting they get a 4G device given that Verizon will in complete their entire 4G rollout in the next 18 months. This means that during the life of the contract you will get it. During the life of the phone that user will likely go into 4G markets.

    Still if they want an iPhone with the next iPhone rolling out in 4 months or so and that will very likely have LTE (real 4G) in it that user should WAIT.
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    I'm pretty sure someone at Verizon knows...

    (not the salesperson though!)

    Now, this doesn't make up for crappy salesmanship - but it's quite possible that the person being sold to also travelled to areas where LTE is already available as well.

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