Location Services arrow is always on in the status bar...

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by fuzion11, Mar 7, 2013.

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    I noticed yesterday that the little location service arrow was on in my status bar...usually this arrow will disappear after a couple minutes. This one stayed there for hours on end...So I went into privacy and one by one turned off all the apps that have permission to use location services. Long story short, I narrowed it down to the "Red Laser" app. (the app captures bar codes and then shows you were you can buy the product scanned on sale and so on)

    I then investigated further and this app has a new function that will send you a notification if and when you enter a mall or store that has fantastic deals and sales, thus needing to be on 24/7....having location services on 24/7 sucks up a lot of data, does it not? Or does it use only very little amounts of data being constantly on? I would also have to assume this strains the battery and sucks the juice quickly also???
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    Probably not much affect on data but it will make your battery die at a noticeably faster rate. GPS sucks down battery life quickly.
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    I don't think Location Services use data (I could be wrong here) but, depending on the type of locating being used (e.g. GPS, cell tower triangulation), they certainly can drain the battery very quickly.

    I have the Dark Sky app and have notifications enabled, which requires constant use of Location Services, however my battery experiences little to no effect from this.

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