LogMeIn, Prey Project.. Guest account access or leave no password on main account?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by DramaLLama, Jul 30, 2013.

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    So I recently found out about Prey Project, you can install it on a computer and it stays out of sight, out of mind until you need it to start tracking. As far as I know this will still work even on OS X in a guest account. I'd like to keep my main account password protected for sake of file security and such. However, I also have read some stories about LogMeIn and people using that to grab information about a thief, maybe a document or picture they've saved on their 'new' computer, and uploading that information into dropbox to gather evidence on this person.. Which would be a better method? Or maybe even both? Being OCD about what processes I have running and what my toolbar looks like in OSX, I don't like the LogMeIn icon always up there.. but that's about the only thing that I don't like.
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    What OS X version are you on? Lion and ML both have very good built in full disk encryption (Filevault2). If you turn that on and enable iCloud's Find my Mac feature you can get the functionality you want and have your data protected.

    If you enable Filevault it sets up a guest account that only allows the thief access to Safari. The idea is they will access this account and hit the Internet, thus telling you where the machine is and also allows you to remotely lock or erase the machine.

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