London OS X Tiger Briefing.

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    Jul 24, 2002
    I just received this email:

    Dear ADC Member,

    We are pleased to invite you to attend a free Mac OS X Tiger
    Developer Briefing being held in London (Stockley Park) on
    Tuesday, 7th December.

    Don't miss this unique opportunity to participate in a full day of
    in-depth technical discussion about the next major release of
    Mac OS X, known as Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger." You can meet face-to-face
    with Apple experts to learn the latest Tiger development techniques.

    Register now because space is limited and this Mac OS X Tiger
    Developer Briefing is sure to fill up fast.

    View complete Tiger Developer Briefing details, including session
    descriptions and how to register:

    Best regards,

    Apple Developer Connection

    Unfortunately I'll be at work. Is anyone going along? A short report would be nice :)

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