Long reach of loyalty requirements: Trump nixes Pence NSA pick

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by LizKat, Apr 18, 2018.

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    So it seems a guy Mike Pence wanted to tap as his national security advisor has withdrawn from consideration.

    Apparently Jon Lerner did some anti-Trump campaigning in 2016 for the Club for Growth. Hmm.

    And not only that, his current job is working as deputy to our UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. Hmm.

    Maybe file partly under "timing is everything." Trump's still all flummoxed about his ungainly 180 on Monday about um well look maybe no new Russian sanctions after all... right now... or... something... and Nikki's assertion that she's most certainly not who was "confused" about that as of last Sunday's talk shows, despite Larry Kudlow's (temporary) attempt to burn Haley on Monday for what sure did look like a policy flip by "somebody".

    Anyway, among comments in the wake of Trump's apparently having blocked the Lerner pick:

    "The Vice President’s team has always conducted business without drama and agreed with Jon that we can continue to look upon Jon for advice without causing any distractions."
    Good ol' Mikey and his good ol' no-drama team. Starts to look better to the GOP every day, I'd think. Probably starts to look better and better to the Club for Growth's free trade fans too.
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    I'm amazed that Trump hasn't reacted to the fact that Kellyanne Conway's husband is constantly trolling him on Twitter.

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