Long songs not if the same spot left off when you go back switching to other apps

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    Feb 2, 2006
    I download radio shows like Howard Stern and listen to them on my iPhone. If I stop a song and switch to use another app like the camera, when I go back its lost its place and starts at the beginning. This did not happen with previous iOS versions.

    Its annoying because I have try to scroll back to how far in on a 4 hour mp3 I think Im in. Is there any way to prevent this or is there an app to help bookmark long mp3's when switching to different apps? Sort of how a podcast will pause and remember where you left off when switching to apps like video or the camera,

    Thanks in advance...
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    I do the same thing. Download the HSS 3 days a week and listen while Im driving.

    After I add the mp3 files in iTunes i have to Right Click the song. Select Get Info, Options, Remember Playback Position.
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