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Mar 17, 2012
Hello everyone,

I just upgraded to a iPhone 4s from my 4 (wife had an android phone that broke too many times, so she got my iPhone 4). I was looking for suggestions, I find that I don't use my phone that much and would like to take advantage of it. I don't care much for social apps and my favorite games so far are Infinity Blade, Tiny Wings and Triple Town (not an Angry Birds fan). I feel like I'm hardly utilizing my phone when all I really do is check Flipboard and maybe play a game of Tiny Wings. Any suggestions would be great.



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Dec 3, 2009
Draw Something and Scramble With Friends are wildly addictive. Doors and Shift are fun challenges as well.

-Show of Hands is a fun polling, questions apps. Lots of interesting questions.
-We and Co is an interesting new app that I hope takes off. It is about commenting on employees of businesses and stores and recognizing awesome people for being awesome.
-Zaarly looks like it could be really interesting.

-Quora has a ton of interesting content. I could read it for hours.
-Stumble Upon is awesome if you are bored and want to discover the undiscovered web.
-Alien Blue is my favorite Reddit app.
-Zite is a nice magazine style app that provides nice, longer articles.

-Band of the Day is a nice music app that highlights a new band everyday and let's you listen to their music.

-Viggle is an awesome new app that rewards people who watch tv. It's also a great app to make tv watching more interactive by giving the user points for answering questions about the show they are watching. Viggle single handidly made watching the Grammys much more watchable and enjoyable.
-Crackle is a great app if you want to watch some tv or a movie on your phone. Lots of great content for free.

-Khan Mobile has a lot of great videos that you can learn from.
-ITunes U provides actual college classes that you can take if you want to expand your knowledge on a subject

Hope this helps! These are just a few of the apps I have on my phone that I find most people do not know about.


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Jun 20, 2009
Lincoln, UK
Sword & Poker 2 is the most addictive game I have played on iOS, but it is no longer available. Trainyard is a nice little puzzle game (Trainyard Express is the free version, which is also worth playing).