look like the 15" retina is a better buy for me now


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Oct 12, 2011
well, i was holding out for the 13" retina to see if they would have 16gb ram as an option. but it look like its a no go.:(

so either a

13" retina <--- more portable
2.9GHz i7 <--- "DUAL" core
8GB ram
256GB ssd ..... for $2079


15" retina <--- more screen space
2.7GHz i7 <--- "QUAD" core
16GB ram
NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M <--- better graphics performance
256GB ssd ..... for $2504

for the difference of $425 for the better specs, but loosing portability

that's the educational pricing. so it look to me the 15" in is a better buy and more beneficial.
the only benefit of the 13" is the smaller size, but "very" cripple in feature and performance compare to the 15".
look like the 15" is more "PRO" than the 13", which is more like an air with a retina screen and without an ultra low voltage cpu.

oh well, look like i'm going to start to roll dices with the 15" now.:( though, it was still a worthwhile wait to make sure.


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Jun 14, 2010
15" is too big...

r13 is a disappointment with current options.


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Apr 6, 2007
I'm in the same boat. Comparing them side by side, the 15" is certainly better in pretty much every single aspect.

I'd also be very wary of that Intel HD 4000, I just cant see it being good enough on the 13" to power three external displays, and will certainly be a limitation.

For me, with my edu discount the prices are:
13" Basic rMBP: £1245.60
15" Basic rMBP: £1528.80

So the difference is £283.20 and you get a dedicated GPU, double the SSD size, and a Quad-Core i7 (instead of a dual core i5).

Gotta be the 15" model for me. The portability is a nonissue - its lighter than the non-retina 13" and we all managed with that just fine!


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Oct 12, 2011
i could bare with the lack of discrete gpu. but the lack of ram option was a deal breaker. i was trying to find other reasons to get it after i found this out today, and mostly at the portability of it. but then their's the price to value ratio in reference to its 15" inch version, which totally out weight the portability aspect of it.

hey, i was wondering. what if this version of the macbook pro allows you to replace the ram, unlike its 15" version. i could live with that. has anyone confirm if the ram is replaceable yet?


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Jun 15, 2012
Houston, TX USA
I recently moved from the tiny Sony Vaio Z (2.5 pounds!) to a rMBP 15 and I've been surprised by how little I've noticed the size and weight difference. It still fits easily into my backpack. And the bigger screen means I use my external monitors far less than before. This is the first laptop I truly use in my lap regularly.
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