Looking at used iPhone - has "Device replaced" status

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Sumesh, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Sumesh, Dec 16, 2012
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    I found a used 4S for cheap – suspiciously low price, in fact. Plugged in serial number on Apple Self Service and it showed that the "device has been replaced".

    But the phone is still in use, running iOS 5.01 and baseband 04.08.11. Haven't had a chance to personally inspect the phone yet.

    If it helps, I plan to jailbreak the phone after I get it anyway – can't live without SMS+, notification toggles etc.

    Talked to the seller about it and he acted innocent – said it was a gift from his sister in USA (I'm from India). I don't buy it, but it isn't a stolen phone either (or at least not blocked yet).

    My question is, is the phone a ticking time bomb and possibly blocked in future? Should I meet the seller and inspect? Or not bother at all if there is any risk involved.

    Update: Partridge, below, links to an an article by an Apple tech support about Apple denying phone support and warranty for phones with replaced status. I'm in a different country, so neither is applicable anyway, but if I take it to a store for repair and am willing to pay, will they deny it on grounds that it doesn't have an active serial?
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    You'll be fine.
    Having been replaced by apple before does not mean its stolen.
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    Maybe he's giving you the serial number from the box and not the phone itself.
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    According to http://coderedd.net/r/LifeProTips/comments/szabg/lpt_never_buy_a_secondhand_apple_product_unless/ (from google search) that means that:
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    That is reassuring.

    No, he sent me a screenshot of the phone's About > General page (that includes all details I needed, IMEI, SL no, iOS version and Baseband version).

    The phone was purchased in USA and I'm in a different country, so warranty is not applicable anyway. But won't Apple store do repairs if I pay for it? They wouldn't deny service because it is reported as replaced, right? That's what I am worried about.
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    I read the whole thing and I now feel irritated and confused just like when I work with tech support. ;)

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