Looking for a way to fix Sim City 4

Discussion in 'Games' started by drj434343, Jul 28, 2006.

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    Jan 11, 2006
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    Alright, I know it's probably a lost cause with Asypr, but I'm just not able to give up hope for Sim City 4. It was excellent, and before 10.4.3 broke it, my favorite game to play. I can't let it go!

    I've been searching all over for possible solutions. One I came across was on Asypr's support section, regarding fixes for video cards before the 1.02 update. It involves editing the VideoCards.sgr file and adding new cards and their machine ID numbers to this massive list of older cards. I checked that list, and sure enough, my Mobility 9700 wasn't present. So I added it. Unfortunetly, it changed nothing, I still get horrible graphic anomalies, and eventually, complete system freezes. Argh!

    The recent push by Asypr for universal patches makes me sightly excited. I'm hoping that a patch like that might also fix issues with us PowerPC users. But I'm also trying to be realistic, it probably won't help PPC users...

    So the question is, anyone out there in the same boat as me? Looking for a fix? Trying to create their own fix? Has anyone found any more information or been more successful than myself? Lets make this the thread of Sim City 4 runtime solutions (or attempts)!

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