Looking for an inexpensive laptop for my children to play Minecraft.

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    Hello all,
    My daughters 11th birthday is coming and I want to get her a laptop that's able to run minecraft. Obviously it's not a game that needs a ton of specs but my older MacBook Pro (early 2011) seems to run a bit slow when she try's the demo. A Windows computer is fine. It will be used only for that and her school work, my sons school work as well. Any info is helpful.
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    Not sure what's up with your older MBP running slow, my wife's 2009 iMac runs Minecraft just fine.

    Just to accommodate the scope creep here, what exactly will your daughter's and son's school work require from a computer?
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    I would recommend an iPad as long as they are happy with the Pocket Edition of Minecraft.

    It would be much better for school work and general use and you could have enough money left over to get Minecraft with a Wii U or other console which provides two-player on your TV as well as online play.

    I banned my kids from Minecraft on the computer because of RSI and mods were ruining things (insert joke here).
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