Looking for automated solution to deal with out-of-font characters

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by blanka, Nov 22, 2012.

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    I have a massive amount of UTF-8 text to layout with many Japanese terms inline. The font to use is a modern typestyle with limited characterset (ASCII+). If you import this text in InDesign, all the Japanese shows as pink boxes.

    Now I need any of the following 2 solutions:

    1) A way to select all "Pink boxes" and turn them into Characterstyle X. That way I can set Characterstyle X to font "Osaka" the giant OSX font that includes all characters.
    2) A way to feed InDesign makeup-markers in plain text that get converted to the appropriate styles in InDesign? All text is inside a MySQL database, and it is easy to let PHP catch the Japanese characters and wrap them in markings. Say [style="osaka"]にほんご、にっぽんご[/style].

    Why can't you just specify a backup-font in InDesign? That would make things a lot easier. All browsers work like that already.
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    You can use the Grep section of Find/Change to do this.

    First, identify the first and last Unicode code for the range characters you want to find, e.g. in the screenshot I have 0B05 selected in the OS X Character Viewer.

    In Find/Change, Grep tab, search for: [\x{0B05}-\x{0D14}] where the codes in the braces are the codes you've found.

    Set the change format to your character style.

    Your other suggestion, of importing text into InDesign, would also work. Try exporting some text from InDesign if you want to see how the tagging works.

    InDesign doesn't use a default font because it doesn't try to be clever and do things for you.

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