Looking for eBay Sales Pros - Sold iPad Air on eBay - Question About Shipping Fees

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    I just sold an iPad Air on eBay along with 4 other items (Separately) and I wonder if anyone here knows if the fees for USPS shipping are in fact cheaper when you use eBay's shipping labels? Or will it be cheaper if I go over to the post office directly?

    I went to USPS.com and the fees there were more expensive but I'm just wondering if you go in person to the post office if there's options there that they don't offer on the website.

    Anyone have any experience with this stuff?
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    oh heck yeah. you use eBay / pay pal labels you are paying commercial rates. . if you go to the sales counter at the post office they charge you full price.

    I've heard eBay insurance is less hassle then regular usps insurance

    the post offices here frown on you bringing internet printed postage to the sales counter and asking for a scan. they want you to drop it in the mail box or leave it on the counter

    whenever i send an apple device on eBay i always make sure to make them sign for it. i always ask for signature confirmation. if you don't do that, then they can just leave it on the door step where someone can grab it

    sending a box with eBay postage + signature confirmation is more or less the same as sending a box at the post office and paying retail postage

    a medium flat rate box online is $11.30 the same box at the counter is $12.65
    a flat rate large box is $17.90, online is 15.80. eBay charged me $14.80

    when using paypal it is important to give paypal the tracking # of the package. if paypal does not have tracking information they will hold your money for 21 days. when you pay for eBay postage, paypal automatically gets the tracking #.

    try putting the iPad in a box and seeing how much the box will cost to send it to the zip code you want
    by weight. items that are less then 12" in any dimension are cheaper to mail

    the reason why i said that is sometimes priority mail can be cheaper to send an item in a regular box by weight and size then automatically just throwing it in a flat rate box. and you might be able to save money by supplying your own box

    here is a good example
    i am sending a package 1 pound from san jose to atlanta.
    it is a box (package)
    and it is less then 12" in any dimension

    the calculator won't let me put in dimensions if it is less then 12"
    priority mail is $7.51 retail or $6.51 online
    2 pound box would be $9 to $11

    if i decide to put that in a medium flat rate box.
    the price jumps to $11.30 to $12.65

    make sure the paypal address is "verified" and its "eligible" for seller protection. before you ship it.
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    another crazy way to really save money on shipping

    this only works for your local shipping area. for this example i am sending from san jose to san bruno

    the usps has special boxes for sending local prority mail. they are called "regional rate boxes"

    sending 2 lbs medium flat rate is $12

    sending the same 2 lb package in all the various regional rate boxes costs
    12-13/16" x 10-15/16" x 2-3/8" or 10" x 7" x 4-3/4" = $5.32 ( a box)
    15-7/8" x 14-3/8" x 2-7/8" or 12" x 10-1/4" x 5" = $6.16 ( b box)
    14-3/4" x 11-3/4" x 11-1/2" = $9.85 ( c box)

    regional rate requires regional rate boxes and online postage only

    order free supplies now!!!
    make money fast! lol

    your local post office won't stock regional rate boxes. you need to order them, they are free though
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    Thank you both for your replies and advice. I went ahead and used the eBay page and I can see I saved a decent amount of money rather than using USPS directly.

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