Looking for suggestions on a 2K or 4K monitor that uses an EXTERNAL power supply

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by PowerMac G4 MDD, Aug 12, 2017.

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    I'm in the market for a 4K or 2K (but preferably 4K) monitor that uses an external AC brick. I would go for Dell, but their monitors use internal PSUs; and, the problem I have with those is that they often suffer from annoying coil whine.

    So far, I found a 2K monitor from Acer, which seemed okay; however, they tend to have cheaper products (regarding build quality). I'd like something that won't be giving me light bleed, dead pixels, or inaccurate colors.

    I've already searched up plenty of displays, but I'd simply like testimonies from those who potentially own these displays. My budget, BTW, is ~$400. I almost wish to look for 2K variants, since more of them seem to be available with separate AC adaptors.


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