Looking for Wireless Earbuds - Convenience and Battery Life

Best fit for me - AirPods (v1)?

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Jan 28, 2014
I’m looking for a pair of earbuds / headphones to be my daily drivers, so to speak. Yes, I have an iPhone. Also an Apple Watch Series 4

What I already have:
  • AudioTechnica M50x’s, mostly for around the house. I’d mostly be using a new set while out-and-about and am happy to sacrifice a bit of audio quality.
  • Pair of solid Anker earbuds for working out, so I’m fine without a high IP / rugged pair of headphones / earbuds.
What (I think) I’m looking for:
  • Battery life: I often am out most of the day, so battery life is key. Ideally, I’d like something like 7+ hours, if it comes with charging case like AirPods or other “fully wireless” buds, I think 4 hours is my minimum without a case
  • Convenience: I don’t want to deal with cords- needs to be wireless. When I’m out, I take out and put my earbuds pretty often- Easy to stash away, like AirPods, would be a huge perk. Something easy and quick to pair like AirPods also would be nice.
  • Audio quality: good, anything above is icing. Again, I have a trusty pair of M50x’s for when I want higher audio quality, so not as important as above 2 factors.
  • Price: I’d say AirPods (~$160) are about as high as I’d like to go. Could be talked into a bit higher (e.g., $200) if a very good argument can be made
I’ve been eyeing AirPods, but also I’m a bit worried by rumors of a near-approaching update, plus the price seems just a bit high. I think, with either a ColorWare paint job or a case, black AirPods look a lot sleeker. I’ve heard a bit about other earbuds that might trump AirPods in some / many areas, but I don’t know if any pairs touch AirPods in terms of iPhone integration.


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Jul 13, 2010
Well the close you’ll get to 7 hours is 6 and I believe the ones from JBL that was announced at CES or audio technica said they offered 6 hours but the latter is $250. Other then that you have the jaybird run XT ( from what I heard better connection), Jabra elite 65t and the AirPods with 4-5 hours. The AirPods haven been rumored to be “upgraded” for months and even with them they are minor so I wouldn’t even wait. Price wise these are on the lower end of premium wireless buds so price is fine.


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Jan 19, 2013
I honestly think that nothing can come close to AirPods. How smooth it works with Apple products it’s amazing. I had probably 30 different headphones/earphones wired and wireless. There are only two negatives with AirPods:
Super slippery and easy to lose.
Battery after a year is closer to 4 hours outside of the case (but it recharges extremely quickly once you docked them in the case).
If the new ones can improve on battery life that would be amazing.
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Oct 11, 2007
I was looking for them, but can’t find them anywhere.
Apple website gives 21st of feb as first option for pick up.