Looking forward to new 15" powerbook

Discussion in 'Switch Stories' started by shniven, Sep 19, 2003.

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    Thought I'd share my little story, although it's not much of a story. My older brother has had a mac for about 5 years, starting with his freshman year in college and one of the original imacs. He now has a new iMac and a 12" powerbook. I've always had windows machines, and i'll probably continue to have one as my main desktop computer, but I am realllly excited about my updated 15.2" powerbook comin.

    I wanted to get a laptop to work in the library with, and on flights home from school and back, and after messing around with his 12" I was sold. This site kept me from buying prematurely, and now i'll be getting my 15.2" with backlit, 80gb 4200rpm, 1.25ghz etc. I love my current desktop setup, as I have a falcon northwest machv and dual 20" dell flat screens, so unless i end up marrying osx i probably won't switch my desktop, but panther looks awesome. Expose alone could do it. Oh, and i'm pretty pumped about being able to play warcraft 3 on it as well.

    I've had the ipod for windows 5gb since it came out too, and I love it. No need to get the new one, as I like the actual push buttons better than the touchpad (can't control the touchpad through the fabric of my pants like i can the old ipod). It'll probably be so much easier using my ipod with itunes too, won't have to worry about the retarded windows support for it anymore. Oh, and musicmatch is the devil. When I saw that was the software for it, i didn't even install it, just searched for some 3rd party. Ended up using ephpod, which is pretty good, but not great.

    Can anyone recommend a good scroll wheel mouse for the powerbook? I could probably live without 2 buttons, but I don't think I can tolerate no scroll wheel.

    Also, since i'm just sticking with the initial 512 in the PB at first and opting for 3rd party ram, where do you guys and gals recommend buying from? I've always bought from crucial for my pc, as they have high quality ram for pretty good prices. I'll probably sell one of the 256mb sticks and buy a gig stick.

    Thanks to all the posters here, there's been so much info posted that has helped me make my foray into macland.
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    Re: Looking forward to new 15" powerbook


    Congratulations! I hate you. :D

    As for the mouse, I recommend the Kensington PocketMouse Pro - the wired one. It's USB cable retracts completely. It's a two-button scroll and zero config. Plug'n go.

    There is a wireless version, but personally I don't want to deal with the batteries or the possibility of losing the tranceiver.

    If you want less of a traveler, and more of a desktopper, you can do the Kensington Studio Mouse, or my personal UberMouse, the Logitech MX700

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