Other Loss of 3D touch: makes me not want to ever upgrade to new iPhone


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I use 3D touch all the time when editing text or changing settings in Control Center.

I have an older iPhone 5s and I use it occasionally and it feels weird to not have 3D touch.

I haven't used the new Camera UI in the iPhone 11, but it looks particularly ripe for 3D touch integration.

In fact I've always though the camera app should have had 3D touch integration. You could tap to focus and then continue pressing harder to take the shot.

And as far as discoverability, it's so simple. You just need a little dot of some particular color that indicates where you can press harder.

I can't remember which review it was in, but one reviewer said they were told by Apple that they discontinued it because they were never going to get it to work on the iPad and wanted continuity. First, I think Apple has tried as hard as they can to push the iPad and it has not replaced the Mac/PC as they thought it would. It has its uses. But it's not in the same success league as the iPhone and doesn't need to have parity in all features. Second, Apple has always said they're not afraid to make a great product that would cannibalize another product. But by crippling the iPhone, they're not making the iPad better—they're just making the iPhone worse so that they have an even feature set. Third, they do continue to have pressure sensitivity across a multitude of other products: Apple Watch, all MacBook trackpads, and the Magic Trackpad. You can even do pressure sensitive drawing on a MacBook trackpad. Fourth, the iPad already has pressure sensitive input in the form of the Apple Pencil in a way that is most suited for the iPad: drawing, which is not something the iPhone is as suited for. So why not let each be the best at what they each can do?

I've begrudged Apple for making lateral moves. Why do iPhones still start at 64 GB? Why do they still have USB 2 transfer speeds?

But this is regression.

Even if you wanted to go elsewhere in the market, they've probably patented it so that no one else can create such a feature. I've never heard of an Android phone with that feature.

It truly was an innovative feat of technology.

So much so that when the iPhone 6s came out Apple said it was the evolution of multi-touch:



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Jul 25, 2007
i, too, was worried about this. But I’m finding that after a day I’m used to haptic touch, and it doesn’t feel or behave all-too-differently than 3D Touch (other than pop, which i seldom used other than by accident)


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Jul 25, 2007
I like 3D Touch a lot, but I don't miss it a bit. Actually I think that having haptic touch across all iOS devices is good and consistent. 3D Touch was unintuitive and not easy discoverable.
Haptic touch is not any more intuitive or discoverable, as far as I can tell.
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Apr 11, 2014
I actually like haptic touch more not in terms of physical functionality but in the improvement in software functionality.

basically, I like have the menu pop up with options you can pick from
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Aug 19, 2017
If you have a phone with a pressure sensitive screen stay on 12.4.1 and you’ll have full 3D Touch functionality. I refuse to lose it so I won’t be upgrading to iOS 13 anytime soon.. 12.4.1 is stable and battery life is acceptable.. I am disappointed to miss out on some of the new features offered in iOS13 for sure but maybe future versions will allow haptic Touch to be disabled and allow 3D Touch capable phones to utilize full functionality


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Aug 2, 2013
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The battery life exchange is more than worth it. This is the first phone I have had where I have had no battery anxiety.
This exactly. If battery life would still have been bad, I’d be mad at Apple hot removing 3D Touch.

And I’m still not happy with that decision though. I liked it, and while Haptic Touch works fine, it just isn’t 3D Touch, unfortunately.


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Aug 19, 2015
I literally never used 3D Touch on my 8 - I even actually forgot it was there. So for me, I’m really not fussed it’s gone. Always found it a bit gimmicky.


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Jul 7, 2008
Cool. The improvements in the camera and battery life severely outweigh the lack of 3D Touch for me so I upgraded.
Same here. Regularly used 3D Touch on 6s & X for instant cursor relocation whilst entering and editing text, rarely used it elsewhere. Haptic Touch is 4/5 as good so far on the 11 Pro. Would I rather have 3D Touch or Haptic Touch together with 4 hours extra battery life? The latter. In a heartbeat.
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Jul 20, 2006
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Haptic touch is not any more intuitive or discoverable, as far as I can tell.
It's consistent across all iOS devices and that makes it more discoverable, since more people will at some point hold an icon on the home screen longer and see that a context menu appears.


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Oct 7, 2013
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I get you’re point but after 1 day of using Pro Max from XS Max I’m used to it. Then I see battery life today...haven’t hit 54% yet. 5 pm. Off charger since 6:10 am this morning. Yeah I’m good. I’ll take better battery over 3D Touch module

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