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    I have a iPhone 7 Plus. I have owned every iPhone since the beginning and still have my AT&T grandfathered unlimited data plan, so I've been using the carrier for many years without much of a problem.

    Since I got my iPhone 7, things have changed. I have periods of time (3-5 minutes) where all cellular communication fails to work. Wifi still works during this time, and the phone is operating. I can be standing in an area with my wife running my old 6s with no problems, and areas where I know I have cellular signal regularly. During this, if I am not on WiFi, all apps stop talking to the network. Everything spins endlessly when I try to access or refresh data in Mail, load a page in Safari, do a search in eBay, whatever. PayPal app reports no connectivity.

    I can reboot, or I can set down my phone and wait 5 minutes or so. If I stay on it, the cellular dead situation persists for around 5 minutes and sometimes comes back. Sometimes I just reboot and don't wait that long, so I can't say if it would eventually come back every time.

    First trip to the Apple store, an appointment, I received a clean bill of health from diagnostics that they ran. I received a suggestion to reload, update carrier settings, and dump my 3 party case because it could interfere (clear silicone $10 cheap case, I doubt it has metal in it). I complied including going without a case. The problems were not solved. At that appointment, I was told if I brought it back, a swap would be required.

    Two months later, I decide to go back. Make appointment, describe the same issue. It happens 4-5 times a week. They run diagnostics, and ask me if I've talked to AT&T (I hadn't). When I ask what I should ask the carrier, they don't really answer. Explain the last service call, indicate I am backed up, ready to proceed. Store undergoes a number of repeat tests, explains that they don't see a problem, and guarantee it isn't the phone hardware. Ask me lots of questions that, in my opinion, seem to be them trying to find a flaw in my story. So, does this app work on cellular when others don't? Are you moving in a car when it happens? Are you SURE it's all apps? What apps does it happen most on? All questions that honestly didn't need to be asked because I was very specific when describing the symptoms. Then, they ask if I have restored from backup.

    I explain, yes I have. The feedback is that if the carrier information (which they reset) has bad tower information in it (not exact words, whatever cached information about cellular resources are present in the phone), it could cause this. I explain that I have completely restored the phone 2-3 times since I got it. They feel that if I am backing up to computer, I could be saving a problem with the system and restoring the problem over and over again.

    I am advised that the only way to make sure that my system is 'really cleared' is to backup not to my computer, but to iCloud. Of course, I can't do this, I don't pay for iCloud and don't seem to have enough space. So, now I'm contemplating buying an upgrade, doing a WiFi backup, and restoring from it, since they wouldn't save 'any of that stuff that could cause the problem, and therefore a restore from iCloud may solve the problem that a backup to the computer (through iTunes) does not.'

    When I push back indicating I already had a plan from the last service call, they explain that the notes are 'terrible' and they can't really tell what that person did, but if I am recounting it properly, they know the advice was incomplete.

    I'm a bit frustrated that I would have to pay cash (even $.99) to run a test that honestly, I don't know is really any different than the backup/restores I am already doing. Plus, 29GB (estimated backup size) over WiFi is several hours of downtime.

    Does anyone feel that this additional step is worthwhile, or should I get another appointment and push back?
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    I would make another backup to iTunes.

    Restore as new. Download an app. See if the problem reoccurs while using this app and while just using the phone.

    If it does, go back. If it does NOT then you know that it's something in your backup.

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