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    Good afternoon, please help.

    Today i lost my iPhone and now is battery down, so find my iphone via iCloud isn't updated.

    Is any chance to get photo with front webcam or can i get number of another user, if he keep me logged at the iCloud? Or do you another tip, what is possible to do?

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    go to find my iPhone on iCloud.com
    put the iPhone in lost mode
    click on notify when found

    and it will email you if someone finds it and charges it. i think thats the best you can do

    if your asking how to get phone numbers off of a lost phone, your phone directory is at www.icloud.com

    if you report the phone to the phone company as lost and they de-activate the sims card it will hinder you finding it. so i would keep that phone active a while longer

    once you give up and think you will never get your phone back, then erase the iPhone from www.icloud.com ( find my iPhone ) but do not remove it from your account. that will cause the iPhone to put a phone number on its lock screen in case anyone finds it

    whatever you do , do not remove that phone from your iCloud account
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    if you put it in lost mode, and notify when found i think that is what you do and it will show a phone number to call you when it turns on

    i think it will still show a number if you erase it. but you won't be able to track it anymore

    never click on remove unless you voluntarily sell or give away phone

    i guess if u decide to erase it, then u call the phone company and de-activate the sim
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    apologies. i don't know how that typo got out ! twice even

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