Lost phone will it be wiped?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iMeat, May 25, 2012.

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    So I'm at work to tonight, I'm sitting on the front bumper of the fire truck when we get a call.... Left my phone on the bumper! I realized I didn't have it when we got back and knew right away what I did.

    I called it someone picked up and hung up real fast, so I used find my iPhone, sent a message and then sent a lock request. I got an email that the lock went through, when I never heard anything back( basically begging them to bring it by the station) I tried to wipe it, but never got confirmation, and now it goes right to vm, so I'm guessing they turned it off, when they turn it back on will it do the wipe??

    Don't know what someone wants it for anyway, the screen is cracked really bad and the back is shattered, I was just waiting for the 5, guess I have to get a new contract now:(
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    If you have the lock in place they won't be able to get into it anyway unless they are really lucky and guess the code.

    They will have restored it by now and wiped it.

    The back can be replaced really easy and the backs are cheap from well known auction sites.

    I would hazard a guess if there keeping it, i.e. not going to return the phone to you then they have resold it, put it in a drawer or simply using it as their own phone.

    Somebody always wants what you own !

    You could get the iPhone 5 sim free if you have the disposable income ?
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    I wouldn't worry about the wipe, they will wipe it for you. Replacing the screen and back is not that expensive or hard to do. They will prob hack into it and just sell it. I would still report it to Apple and the Police.

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