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Discussion in 'Community' started by Foxer, Dec 17, 2003.

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    Feb 22, 2003
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    OK. I saw this last night at Trilogy Tuesday. Anybody else care to comment? Especailly those who read the book.

    I'm still assimilating the whole thing, so my thoughts remain embryonic. I tried to avoid "spoilers" going in, and basically only knew that the Scouring of the Shire would not be included and that the Smeagol/Deagol flashback would be, based on the DVD commentary tracks of the first two movies.

    In the main, I was very pleased. The changes that were made, by and large, added to dramatic effect that you need in a film like this. I thought that Shelob was well done and the Paths of the Dead (which I was very worried about for some reason) was fine as well. The climax in Mt. Doom was everything for which I could have hoped. I knew how it turn out, but I was still in suspense.

    I did not like the portrayal of Denethor. Not John Nobel, who I think was very good (although I thought of Denethor as older), but the way he was written. I was optimistic after TTT:EE DVD, with the added scene, but in ROTK he was just came off, well, wrong.

    I'm sure I will add later, but I'd love other's thoughts. I saw this alone yesterday, my wife doesn't want to know about it until she sees it tomorrow, and I can't talk about it at work (since I called in sick on the sly) so I am, understandably, bursting for discussion.
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    Aug 4, 2002
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    We had tickets for the midnight showing, but unfortunately I got a horrible migraine and had to leave roughly in the middle, everyone else really enjoyed it though. I'll definitely have to see it over again, possibly while I'm in NY.
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    May 22, 2003
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    All right, here are my problems with the film. First, the change of having Frodo tell Sam to leave and go home based on Gollum's trick with the lembas bread is just stupid. How many thousands of miles from the Shire are they at that point? Frodo is supposed to be wrestling with the power of the Ring, but this change just doesn't make sense.

    Second, the portrayal of Denethor makes him look crazy from the beginning. He descends into madness from a combination of the power of Sauron through the palantir and the death of Boromir and his realization of his love for Faramir - after he has sent him to his seeming death. This transforms Denethor into a one-dimensional character instead of a proud and complex man. Tied up with this is the change to having Pippin light the signals to send for aid from Rohan. This makes Denethor's lament that Rohan has "betrayed him" quite puzzling.

    Third, the removal of the "Scouring of the Shire" is critical for the message of the movie. In the books, the impact of evil on the Shire is very direct. In the movie the Shire is the same as when the hobbits left. This chapter shows the growth of the hobbits into "world-wise" leaders and how nothing can ever be the same after such great evil has existed in the world. It ties in with Frodo's decision that he must leave middle-earth. The scars of Sauron are not only on Frodo's body but also on the land and people that he loves. None of this despair comes through in the movie.

    Lastly, my main complaint about this movie is the same as the other two. The distortion of some of the characters to move the plot along was the wrong way to go. That is best seen in the "passive" role Frodo plays throughout the movies. At Weathertop he cowers from the Nazgul instead of shouting his defiance and trying to fight back. At the Ford it is he, not Arwen (substituting for Glorfindal) that defies them again. And in the latest movie, we have the leadership of Frodo (Sam is with him, but it is Frodo that steps up to confront the terror) against Shelob changed to desperation. The shallowness of other very rich characters, Eomer and Faramir are also examples of changes that I disliked.

    Having said that, I highly recommend the movie. There are points of great beauty (if this doesn't win a best cinematography Oscar then something is very wrong with the world.) I loved the charge of the Rohirrim. Shelob was the scariest spider to every be seen in movie history. The scene when Sam picks Frodo up and carries him up Mount Doom is wonderful.

    My only solution to all of the problems would have been the highly unrealistic idea of making six movies instead of three. Readers of the books know that each book is actually divided up into two books. That kind of format would have given time to capture the depth of character in the books. There is just too much to be captured in the format of three, even if very long, movies.

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