lots of Emac parts for sale

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  1. bennyek macrumors regular

    Mar 10, 2002
    The O.C.
    My 700mhz Emacs Display assembly has gone bad :( and now I must part it out to make a few dollars on it.
    Here is what I have to offer:
    Will sell complete list for a discount
    1. Pioneer superdrive A08 $60.00
    2. Original Airport Card $90.00
    3. 40gig HD $40.00
    4. 256MB Ram Chip $35.00
    5. 128MBRam Chip $25.00
    6. Speaker assembly (will work on 700 & 800MHZ emac) $20.00
    7. Power Supply and Fan (Rev A only) $20.00
    8. Emac Outer encloser $35.00
    9. Ivad cable (common ploblem part on emacs raster shift problem, mine is a replacement brand new) $35.00
    10. Brand New power Button $ 30.00
    11. Logic Board (which I believe is fine, but have not had tested since the display went out. 700mhz ) $35.00 untested

    parts will go out to ebay soon

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