Lots of PS4/XB1/PS3/360 Game Price Drops Lately!

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by Praxis91, Jun 19, 2014.

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    Mar 15, 2011
    I figured I would let people know (in case they haven't been checking out places like cheap ass gamer or slick deals) that many PS4/XB1 games are starting to get much cheaper.

    Obviously, these are not the newest releases, but maybe I can help save you some money. :) For example, Gamefly has lots of used next-gen games for $20-30. I picked up AC IV for $20 and Ryse for $18. There are PS3/360 games for even cheaper $12-15 at Gamefly as well.

    The Microsoft Store (both in-store and online) has been having lots of $30 on BF4, CoD Ghosts (even $25 for this game), then $30 for Lego Marvel ($20 at Gamefly used recently), etc. For 360, I've seen GTA V for as low as $20 (brand new too!).

    I think the new Killzone for PS4 is $20 at one of those sites. Anyway, figured I would mention the price drops in case people are looking to save some cash. I play mostly XB1/360, but many sites will have deals for all platforms.

    I used to buy most of my games when they were released, foolishly paying full price (there are still exceptions).. but many games that I get I just buy to add to the collection and by the time I get around to actually playing them, they would be in the price range that I am seeing with these recent deals.
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    Dec 31, 2004
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    Yep, I picked up a PS4 with Knack and Killzone for $36 each over a month ago.

    Now I'm seeing those titles for $30.

    It has been 7 months for those already, so it makes sense that the game will be 1/2 price within the year.

    Scoop them up if you want them, especially if you are a collector (like me). There are rumblings still about going all-digital.

    Sony only made so many Vita physical copies as they now have them available as downloads on the cheap (or even for free with a Plus account) so I've been picking those up used even though I don't have a Vita yet.

    Companies will not be making as many copies or reprinting them as they want you to download them or just go to a used place to buy them if they go out of print.

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